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DM Agency say that content marketing is all about creativity.

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    What type of creative content we offer:
    • Welcome tune
    • Creative Picture, Flyers design
    • Creative Video & Audio Editing
    • Promo video ad
    • Social Media creative picture & post
    • Text Content for website & blog

    Welcome Tune
    Welcome Tune is the first impression that a customer perceives about the company. It provides an overall idea about their services or products and what to expect from them. If a company can offer a creative, unique and customized welcome tune then a customer feels a strong personal bond with the company. Similarly, if a B2B company provides only factual information based on their client requirements then it’ll create a broader sense of understanding the brand.

    Creative Video & Audio Editing
    Video and audio are two essential part of marketing because at times customers do not perceive text content due to lack of time, energy or work. However, a creative audio and video content play a vital role in creating a unique space in customer’s mind. Not only customer just listens or views their content as well as creates an impression about the company.

    Promo Video Ad
    One of the main benefits of promo video is customer awareness because through promo video potential customers become aware of your company and understands the benefit of working with you or receiving services from your brand. Investing in a good quality promo video ad is like an asset for the company. It helps to gain more customer awareness and turn potential customers into loyal clients.

    Social Media Creative Picture & Post
    Social media is now one of the most essential marketing tools used by top class multinational companies to small-medium entrepreneurs. It is one of the cost-effective and quick ways to reach out to your customers. However, these social media posts are not reached to large number of people as there is excess amount of content available on the social media. We create social media contents in an attractive way that grabs audience’s eye and we have record breaking engagements from our clients’ creative social media content.

    Text Content for Website & Social Media
    Text content is quick, effective and most importantly it is everywhere. Text content is used with picture, video, SMS, website and a lot more. Text content is widely used by everyone and the results are visible because people read them and respond. Text content contains all the necessary information, products’ details, offers and facilities offered by the company. But presenting these texts in an organized and creative way makes it long-lasting in audiences’ mind. As scholars say – Perceive, Think & Act. If there is nothing unique that perceives their mind then it’ll not last. So make sure to provide your customers with the most creative text content.

    “We Value Our Clients and Their Requirements Which Makes Us Dedicated Towards Our Work. We Want Your Company To Stand-Out in The Crowd With Our Web Development.”

    How It Will Benefit Your Business
    • Craft a reputable brand online
    • Differentiate your hospital from hospitals
    • Build customer loyalty
    • Offer 24/7 emergency service
    • Simplifies marketing and information sharing
    • Hassle-free use without installation
    • Automatic updates and synchronized version control
    • Centralized storage of data
    • Safe and secure
    • Best for business and entrepreneur

    Explore the Latest Features
    Our web development team brings deep experience in custom-built websites. We deliver up-to-date, quality code that thrills clients and their customers. Below is a list of our latest features which gets modified according to the latest advancement.

    • Customizable & user-friendly website
    • Responsive design Attractive slider, picture & design
    • Promo video (high quality resolution-4k)
    • Advanced search option
    • Reflection of the brand
    • Detailed list of service
    • Department
    • Team member/ Doctor list
    • FAQ
    • Event Hour
    • Booking appointment
    • Filter Search option
    • Chatbot Using AI
    • Emergency call (24/7 service)
    • Social media integration
    • Patient Review
    • Contact information
    • Easy navigation (3d map with AR view)
    • About us section
    • Exclusive Features
    • Cost calculator
    • Welcome tune
    • 360 view of the hospital wards
    • Online payment (payment gateaway)
    • Membership facilities
    • Showcasing awards & recognitions

    • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is the fastest and most cost-effective marketing tool that can be used by any organization.
    • Website Design & Development: Design with purpose with the latest feature and dynamic design.
    • Paid Ads: Facebook & Google Ads are vital marketing tools due to its popularity.
    • Creative Content: Nothing beats a fresh, unique idea of creating content that grabs audiences’ eye.






    • Creative Content Development:

    Just like your brand, creative content provides an online personality to your posts, images, video and text. Content is the core of all marketing campaign as it gives an essence of the company’s brand image and services. Posting creative content allows company to be more than just a brand; it makes them more relatable and attached to that brand.

    • Web Design & Development:

    We Value Our Clients and Their Requirements Which Makes Us Dedicated Towards Our Work. We Want Your Company To Stand-Out in The Crowd With Our Web Development.”

    Website crafts a reputable brand online and differentiates among other existing companies. It helps to build a loyal customer base through its transparency that is being shared online. Not only that, it provides a company overview and simplifies the process of information sharing and storing data. Any client visiting the website gets a clear picture of the organization without visiting them physically.

    • Google Ad:

    One the fastest way to create a better ranking is by using Google Ad. In this era, Google Ad is a necessary digital marketing tool to generate more traffic and leads. It works much faster for a business compared to traditional marketing, TVC or any other marketing campaigns.


    • Facebook Ad:

    Facebook Ad is a one-to-one marketing which is very easily adopted by the consumers. It boosts traffic to their core website content and it creates more customer engagement. Due to its visibility of engagement companies earn an online brand reputation.

    • Email Marketing:

    “We Value Our Clients and Their Requirements Which Makes Us Dedicated Towards Our Work. Build A Bond With Your Audience With Personalized Email Marketing.”

    Email marketing is one of the strongest marketing tools as it provides all the important information about the organization within a marketing template. We create attractive email templates that include – videos, company details, services/products’ list, seasonal offerings, company location and much more.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing strategy to improve your ranking search engines like – Google. For example, if I need to purchase clothing then I’ll search on Google to get the best deals. Usually consumers do not spend a lot of time scrolling down Google and whichever business ranks at the top, they click on it. Likewise business ranking at the top is essential to increase their Return on Investment (ROI), more customer engagement and reach will increase the chance of brand awareness and increase in sales.

    • SMS Marketing:

    SMS marketing is one of the efficient and quick marketing tools as it is available since the past decades. Only a single attractive text can drive your customer to your online/offline store. SMS marketing has 98% open rate which means anyone receiving the commercial text message will see it compared to any other marketing ways. Operating text messages is very easy and anyone from any generation is comfortable using this app. 59% consumer prefer SMS over any other app which indicates the priority of a customer. 

    • Video Marketing

    Video marketing can influence people’s perception about a hospital as videos create a strong bond within the health consumers and the organization through their testimonial videos, hospital facilities and doctors and hospital staffs’ popularity.

    We Develop Clinic & Hospital Management System Software with all the features of EHR, EMR, & HMS. available in the Cloud & Desktop version.

    Hospital Management
    Diagnostic/Clinic Management
    Pharmacy Management
    Patient Management

    Why us ?

    We specialize in website development and committed to delivering the best possible outcome to our clients. Our wealth is application knowledge, 

    · Investing time in getting to know your business and your audience

    · Identifying your pain points and creating innovative solutions

    · We design with a purpose, not just for aesthetics

    · Creating intuitive and easily navigable backend

    · We’re experts at creating custom integrations and plugins

    · A decade of creating exceptional Word Press websites

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    Address: House 384, Lane – 6, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka 1206

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